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THE ROYS Form Strategic Partnership With Team RealTree™ Outdoor Energy Drink

ROYS TROE bus wrap

Nashville, TN (September 10, 2012) -- Award-winning brother/sister duo THE ROYS have aligned with Team RealTree™ Outdoor Energy Drink for a strategic partnership.  THE ROYS will travel to their upcoming shows in a newly-wrapped bus with design and camouflage graphics courtesy of RealTree.  "It looks amazing," says Lee Roy.  "Very earthy," Elaine adds with a wink.  Other marketing efforts will be announced soon.

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Another New Day Dawns For THE ROYS - Duo Signs Exclusive Global Booking Agreement With Moonstruck Management


Alliance Follows Release of THE ROYS' New EP, NEW DAY DAWNING
Roys sign w Moonstruck
Lee and Elaine Roy are all smiles as they sign their new booking deal with Moonstruck Management partners Peter Keiser and Josh Trivett.

Nashville, TN (September 6, 2012) - Another new day is dawning for super-hot duo THE ROYS. The trend-setting siblings just signed an exclusive global booking agreement with prestige agency, Moonstruck Management. "Peter and I have been fans of THE ROYS since the beginning," notes Josh Trivett, Moonstruck Management partner. "We have watched them closely - both as they burst on to the Bluegrass scene with their signature sound and gave performances that are their own and truly unique. It is with great pride that we join THE ROYS' team, and we look forward to growing with them for years to come," Trivett adds.

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THE ROYS' NEW DAY DAWNING Debuts On Billboard Bluegrass Albums Chart At Number 2

455Nashville, TN (September 5, 2012) - THE ROYS' sophomore Rural Rhythm Records' disc, NEW DAY DAWNING, debuts at Number 2 on Billboard's Bluegrass Albums Chart.

NEW DAY DAWNING is a seven-song EP (a first for a Bluegrass artist) that finds the siblings in fine form. Their impressive traditional-style vocals ride high over progressive musicianship, keeping the duo's sound fresh and energizing. Their songwriting talents are truly remarkable, and the disc's first single release, "Still Standing," written by Lee and Elaine is already proving to be another "winner." Other highlights include the live-show favorite "Grandpa's Barn," the heartbreaking "Daddy To Me," the moving "Windin' Roads" and the hypnotic "Fast As We Roll."

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